Hi – I’m David and this blog is all about how to thrive as a landlord.

I am a landlord myself who owns multiple rental homes and have been doing it successfully for well over a decade.

I have managed rentals in fast-paced urban areas like the city of Baltimore to sleepy suburban condos in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. So I’ve definitely built up a diverse body of land lording experience that has helped me to navigate my rental business successfully through the years.

My goal is to share my experiences and pass on whatever tips I think might be of use to other landlords who are also trying to make this business work (and yes it is a business!).

So look around and take a read. I hope you find something that will be of use to you in your land lording journey!

Also please let me know if you have questions or would like to know more about a particular topic.  I love to get ideas from my readers!

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